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RabbitWeatherServer 1.0
December 28 2007
Looking for a way to make your weather station wireless? Then maybe this is your solution. Rabbit Semiconductor has the Rabbit 4000 WiFi developer's kit on sale. Combined with a DS9097U serial to 1-Wire adapter and your weather station, it makes a great WiFi based weather station computer. RabbitWeatherServer 1.0 combines the1-Wire 'C' lbrary from Dallas/Maxim with the Rabbit's built-in WiFi networking & web server to serve up weather web pages and post your data to the Weather Underground.
  • Includes the Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Public Domain C library ported to Rabbit 4000
  • 1-Wire Device Library includes support for the DS18S20, DS2438, DS2450, DS2423
  • Measures Temperature, Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Barometric Pressure, and Rain Fall
  • Weather data is collected once a minute
  • Serves up an HTML web page that is updated once a minute
  • Posts data to the Weather Underground.
  • All source code is provided.
  • Requires Dynamic C version 10 (included with the Rabbit Dev Kit)
  • Uses serial serial ports C & D on the dev board, you'll need a male-to-male serial null modem adapter to connect to the DS9097U

Learn more about the WiFi Rabbit at Rabbit Semiconductor.
Download the RWS Quick Start Guide.
Download Rabbit Weather Server version 1.0.5

1-Wire Rabbit Programmers: Included in this download is the Dallas/Maxim Public Domain 1-Wire C code ported to run on a Rabbit 4000. This gives you a complete 1-Wire interface for your Rabbit projects. With minor mods, nearly all the examples in the PD library will run.

TiniWeatherServer 5.0
November 17 2007
TiniWeatherServer 5.0 is now available. It has several new features, including:
  • Adds 1-Wire Hub Support
  • Supports 2 Temp Sensors by default
  • Weather Data is Posted in XML - Allows Complete Weather Page Customization Without Code Changes
  • Source Code Runs in NetBeans - Easier Code Changes
  • Smaller Memory Footprint
  • Complete code re-write to make it easier to add 1-Wire devices
  • This version requires TiniOS 1.17 but can be recompiled to TiniOS 1.1x

Update: Version 5.0.1 fixes an issue with the Humidity Sensor when using a Hub.
Download: TWS501

June 1, 2007
Ever wanted to access your 1-Wire devices across a network? By using the 1-Wire NetAdapter, you can connect 1-Wire devices to one computer, and run the weather station software on another. All you need is a network between the two. The network could even be WiFi, creating a wireless connection. And the cool part is that you don't have to buy anything, assuming you have the networked 2nd computer!

Project Notes
NetAdapter Download
DSPortAdapter Class Docs

June 1, 2007
Are you having trouble getting reliable 1-Wire communications? Thinking about trying a 1-Wire hub? Maybe this is the solution. The default settings for your DS9097U 1-Wire serial adapter are optimized for shorter bus lengths. Called 'Flex Settings', there are several parameters that can be adjusted to change the bus timing and waveform shape. Unfortunately, the standard 1-Wire Java library doesn't have the methods to access the flex settings. The OWAdapterFlex library adds methods to allow you to modify these settings. This library is a drop-in replacement for the Dallas/Maxim OneWireAPI.jar file.

OWAdapterFlex Docs
OWAdapterFlex Java Library
DSPortAdapter Java Docs