Links to 1-Wire and Weather Resoures

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User Links

Uwe Heidrich - German Weather Station Info -


The Ultimate Weather Resource Guide -


Thermocouples and Temp Sensors

Omega Inc. -
US Sensors -
National Semiconductor -

On-line Electronic Suppliers

Digikey -
Mouser Electronics -
Jameco Electronics -


1-Wire Information

Guidelines for Reliable 1-Wire Networks, Maxim IC, Nov 2001 -
Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Software Dev Site -
Dallas/Maxim OneWireViewer -

1-Wire Parts, Sensors, and Modules

Hobby-Boards -
AAG Electronica -
Texas Weather Instruments -

1-Wire Discussion Groups 1-Wire Mailing List -
Dallas/Maxim 1-Wire Discussion Board -

1-Wire Weather Software

1-Wire WSI Software by AAG, Freeware, Platform: Windows -
wServer by Arnie Henriksen, Freeware/Shareware Version, Platform: Windows -
OneWireWeather by Simon Melhuish, Freeware, Platform: Linux, RISC OS -
weatherDisplay by Brian Hamilton, $70, Platform: Windows, Linux -
Software for monitoring Dallas Microlan by SheepDogSoftware (UK) -


X10 Modules and Controllers -
Smarthome -

X10 Software -
Smarthome - xxx

X10 Phase Couplers

Smart Home -
Smart Home -
Build Your Own - Your Own Phase Coupler


TINI Software and Information

TINI Software Download Page -
TINI Getting Started Guide -

TINI Modules

Dallas/Maxim -
Systronix -
EMACS Inc. -

TINI Diswcussion Forum

Dallas/Maxim TBI Discussion Board -


Beta Brite

BetaBrite Web Site -
Alpha Protocol Programming Guide -

Surge Suppressors

APC Serial Port Surge Suppressor -

Solar Radiation Sheilds

R.M. Young -